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Legacy Parks Receives $15,000 Trinity Grant

The Trinity Health Foundation recently awarded Legacy Parks a Large Grants Division Phase I “Planning Grant” of $15,000 to compete for a Phase II “Implementation Grant” of up to $150,000.

Legacy Parks submitted a proposal for the Adventure Park at Baker Creek Preserve. Located adjacent to South Doyle Middle School and connecting to Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness, the proposed park will include a variety of stimulating activities in a creative, natural environment to increase physical activity for better health.

Studies show that creating an activity-friendly environment is one way to turn around the trends and consequences of obesity. There is a direct relationship between access to outdoor recreation and increased physical activity, and even minimum daily activity can have a positive effect on weight and health.

The Phase I funding will provide for community input, Adventure park engineering, planning, and design of the park and proposed amenities. The final awards will be announced in October.