Connecting Everyone to the Outdoors

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We connect people with the outdoors

Our work is rooted in the heart of the community, with groups and individuals who want to play outside, take a break and breathe fresh air, try something new, enjoy nature and appreciate the geographic gifts that only East Tennessee provides.

Legacy Parks stewards natural and financial resources to create unique outdoor projects. We work collaboratively to preserve green space, expand parks, create trails, and increase access to our rivers. Since 2007, Legacy Parks has raised over $11 million for parks and open space, helped conserve 1,000 acres of forest and farmland, and added over 600 acres of parkland in Knox County.

Five Areas of Focus

Connect our Greenways and Trails

Greenways provide health, environmental, and transportation benefits – and consistently top the list of recreational assets that our community would like to see expanded. Legacy Parks plays a significant role in this area by proactively acquiring property and easements from businesses and individual donors, which removes the first stumbling block often associated with expanding and connecting our greenway system.

Create Recreational Opportunities for the Underserved

Legacy Parks works to encourage physical activity and the development of healthy habits by bringing more recreational access to neighborhoods and communities. We are a champion for projects with public demand, but limited ways to secure funding. We can also serve as a fiscal agent for raising funds to help alleviate the financial barriers communities may face.

Baker Creek Play Forest

Exceed the National Average for Public Parks and Green Space

Legacy Parks works proactively to acquire land and raise funds to expand our parks and green spaces. Exceeding this national average demonstrates that we are a healthy community with abundant opportunities, and we are committed to protecting our natural assets. It also shows we are a good place to live in and to do business.

Maintain the Health of and Access to Our Waterways

James White built the fort that became Knoxville just below the junction of the French Broad and Holston Rivers. Knoxville’s history and growth are rooted in our beautiful rivers and waterways. Legacy Parks works diligently to preserve shorelines, ensure waterways remain healthy, and create more public access for recreation and enjoyment.

Preserve Our Ridges and Views

Situated in the heart of the Tennessee Valley, Knoxville’s geography is a gift of varied terrain with a beautiful mix of lush valleys and breathtaking ridge views. As growth throughout the county continues, Legacy Parks proactively works to preserve our ridges and views, helping to strike a healthy balance between development and conservation and allowing land to maintain its greatest public benefit.

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