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Everly Brothers Park

Everly Brothers Park will be a tribute to the duo whose storied musical career has deep roots in Knoxville.

“The Everly Brothers were one of the major influences on the Beatles. When John and I first started to write songs, I was Phil and he was Don.” – Sir Paul McCartney

Working with the City of Knoxville, The Bearden Council is raising funds to create this unique community park of national significance. It will be the only park in the county that celebrates the legendary Everly Brothers.

The park will be on the Bearden Village Greenway at the corner of Kingston Pike and Forest Park Boulevard. Beautiful landscaping, a small stage, benches, and a signature art piece will make it a stunning addition to the city and an engaging destination.

“We owe these guys everything. They started it all.” – Bob Dylan

The Everly Brothers, along with musical pioneers Buddy Holly, Elvis, Little Richard, and Chuck Berry ushered in the early years of rock and roll. Their close harmony and smooth guitar licks combined with their blended country, rock, and blues style directly influenced The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Emmylou Harris, and others.

The Everly family moved to Knoxville to perform on WROL’s Cas Walker radio show in 1953. Don and Phil enrolled at West High School and the family stayed in Knoxville until Don’s graduation in 1955. They then moved to Nashville with dreams of performing on the Grand Ole Opry. Though they only lived in Knoxville a few years, the events during that time were significant to their later success. History of the Everly Brothers

“Knoxville is proud to be the city that nurtured the Everly Brothers and this commemorative park will be a great addition to the neighborhood.” – Mayor Madeline Rogero

Please help secure Knoxville’s place in rock and roll history through your generous contribution to Everly Brothers Park.

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