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Natural Shores Project

French Broad River

Legacy Parks’ Natural Shores Project is a voluntary shoreline protection program to promote and protect the health and natural beauty of the French Broad River from Seven Islands State Birding Park to the Head of the Tennessee River.

Landowners participating in the program will be compensated to voluntarily protect a minimum of 50 feet of shoreline property by agreeing not to construct large structures and minimize disturbance of soil, trees or natural vegetation. Landowners are also encouraged to plant native trees and plants along the shoreline to create natural areas in which animals move, survive, and feed.

Protection of the French Broad River’s shoreline is critical to maintain the natural beauty and rural character of the river corridor, increase vegetation along the shoreline, improve water quality and natural habitats, and to help maintain the historical and cultural assets of the river corridor.

Benefits to Landowners:

  • Compensation for landowners who participate in the Natural Shores Agreement
  • Recognition for landowners that are protecting the shoreline
  • Resources such as our landowner enhancement guide available to help landowners protect and maintain their shoreline
  • Create a legacy preserve land for future generations
  • Be a part of a community wide movement to promote and preserve river life

As more landowners join Natural Shores, river life along the French Broad River becomes part of a significant preservation effort to help make our community a better place to live by  enhancing property value and the quality of life for all who live and recreate in our river community.

Natural Shores Objectives: 

Water Resources – To maintain and improve the quality of water resources, both surface and groundwater, within, around, and downstream of the Natural Shores Zone
Biological Resources – To protect and improve the quality of natural habitat for animals, plants, fungi, and other organisms, particularly native species
Soil Resources – To prevent the loss and depletion of soil
Scenic Resources – To maintain the natural scenic beauty of the French Broad River Corridor

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