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Ijams Primal Playground

In 2018, Legacy Parks utilized a $25,000 grant from the Siddiqi Charitable Foundation to create a green workout space at Mead’s Quarry at Ijams Nature Center.

The Ijams Primal Playground was designed with fitness experts to ensure physical elements meet current best practices for the fitness industry while using nonstandard natural materials and methods. The customizable workout plan allows individuals of all fitness levels to adjust their workouts using progressive weights and increasing difficulties. The space is divided into three sections along the Pink Marble Trail: Stone, Wood, and Boulder Field. Each space creates an experience that marries nature and fitness in such a way that the training area blends seamlessly into the natural surroundings and enhances the benefits of exercise.

The features offer a variety of options to accomplish seven basic human movements: push, pull, carry, hinge, squat, loaded carry, rotation and counter-rotation. 

The Primal Playground opened in October 2019.

Research shows that exercising in natural areas increases the intensity of that activity while increasing our connection to the natural world.

Project Partners

Ijams Nature Center, Siddiqi Foundation, Earthadelic

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