French Broad Veterans Memorial Park

Creating a place of reflection, commemoration and celebration for East Tennessee Veterans

Your support is needed to create the French Broad Veterans Memorial Park

Creating a place of reflection, commemoration and celebration for East Tennessee Veterans

Overlooking the East Tennessee Veterans Cemetery and the beautiful French Broad River, the French Broad Veterans Memorial Park will be a place for community events, family gatherings, special celebrations and private reflection to honor our East Tennessee veterans.

Nestled in the forest with a panoramic view of the Smoky Mountains, this park will fill the need for a place where our veteran organizations and families can gather. Currently, the Veterans Cemetery holds three services a day, precluding the ability to host other events on that site. Once constructed, the park will be owned and managed by Knox County.

As a gathering place for all citizens, the Veterans Park will tell the story of the service and sacrifice by the veterans and families of our region. With nearly half a million veterans in Tennessee, a powerful story exists to be shared.

1) Plaza
The Plaza will be the main entrance to the park and the central gathering place for events. Two parking areas border the Plaza and The Promontory, Court of Flags, Pavilion, Memorial Walk and Reflective Garden all lead off of the Plaza.

2) Pavilion
A 40’x80’ custom-designed pavilion will anchor the plaza and provide a covered venue with restrooms for year-round activities.

3) Overlook
The Overlook will offer a panoramic view of the Veterans Cemetery framed between the French Broad River and the Great Smoky Mountains and will include informative plaques, service flags and the Memorial Wall for all donors.

4) Memorial
Walk The one-eighth mile Memorial Walk will feature individual memorials honoring both veteran groups and campaigns. The walk will begin at The Plaza with a gentle, fully-accessible grade to The Overlook.

5) Promontory
The Promontory, located adjacent to the parking area and plaza, offers the first view of the Veterans Cemetery and French Broad River. It will be an easily accessible overlook for those not able to use the Memorial Walk or who want a closer experience.

6) Reflective Garden
The Reflective Garden, located immediately off of The Plaza and adjacent to the parking area, will provide a more private location for smaller gatherings or a place to rest and reflect.

7) Nature Trail
A one-eighth mile nature trail will extend from The Overlook and allow visitors the opportunity to wander in the woods along the French Broad River and continue to enjoy the serene view of  the Veterans Cemetery.

8) Memorial Wall
The Memorial Wall will frame The Overlook, the signature viewing area for the park.

You can help build this special park through a gift that honors all veterans, or a gift that individually honors a friend or family member who served our country.

Legacy Parks Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Donations are tax deductible.

*In the unlikely event that sufficient money is not raised for the Veterans Park, I understand that I may request that my contribution be returned or I may choose to designate the contribution to another worthy land acquisition project of Legacy Parks Foundation. In either event, Legacy Parks Foundation will fully notify me of the outcome of the fundraising efforts.