Join us for Weed Wrangle at Collier Preserve

The fourth annual Weed Wrangle-Knoxville is a citywide effort to help remove invasive species at several popular outdoor destinations around town. This year, volunteers will gather on March 2 from 9am-12pm at Collier Preserve and five other locations to help wrangle the pesky, non-native plants that hinder the growth of the native plants in these areas. Register here!  The invasive plants that we will tackle were likely introduced for agricultural or landscaping decades ago, but threaten our native trees, plants, and wildlife today. Although many of them have beautiful blooms and scents, they can offset the natural balances of the places we enjoy hiking, biking, and playing. With direction from experts in invasive weed management, volunteers will take the necessary steps to restore Knoxville’s landscapes to a healthy, native ecosystem. Our work will make a difference not only on this property, but will help prevent these invasive species from spreading [...]

January 30th, 2019|

We Found Some Really Great Places to Play…and Sing

Tune-in to our YouTube Channel to hear these beautiful songs of nature featuring 10 musicians in 10 local outdoor settings throughout the next few months. Here’s the lineup: Cruz Contreras at Mead's Quarry, then Wil Wright at Hayworth Hollow, Sam Quinn at Fort Dickerson, RB Morris at Head of the Tennessee, Robinella Bailey at Seven Islands State Birding Park, Todd Steed at Brian Hann's Bridges, Trisha Gene Brady at House Mountain, Kelle Jolly at Bicentennial Park, Jason Thompson at Forks of the River, Scott Miller at River Bluff Love these beautiful places? Click here to become a Friend of Legacy Parks and help create more open spaces and recreational destinations like these!

November 2nd, 2018|

Inspiration and Announcements – the 2018 Legacy Luncheon

We are grateful that the 2018 Legacy Luncheon for the Parks was another huge success thanks to our amazing speaker and the nearly 1,000 sponsors and Friends who gathered at UT’s Holston River Farm at the Head of the Tennessee River to support our work. Pete McBride, National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, photographer and filmmaker, shared inspiration and ideas with the crowd, as we enjoyed crisp weather and a wonderful lunch. […]

October 19th, 2018|

Collaborating with Ijams Nature Center on Primal Playground

Legacy Parks Foundation announced a collaboration with Ijams Nature Center, Earthadelic and the Siddiqi Foundation to create a Primal Playground. The first natural exercise/training site of its kind, combining landscape features such as boulders, logs and trees with customizable training plans designed by a physical fitness expert. “Research shows that exercising in natural areas increases the intensity of that activity while increasing our connection to the natural world,” Ijams executive director Amber Parker said. “People build connections to nature in different ways, and the Ijams Primal Playground will be a way for people to get out of the gym and into the wonder of East Tennessee’s landscape. This project will get a whole new group of people outdoors and give nature lovers another way to spend time in the wild.” The Ijams Primal Playground will be funded through a partnership with Legacy Parks Foundation, The Siddiqi Charitable Foundation and Earthadelic, [...]

October 19th, 2018|