306, 2021

Siddiqi Foundation awards grant for adaptive bikes

June 3rd, 2021|

Legacy Parks Foundation was awarded a $20,000 grant from the Siddiqi Foundation  to fund the purchase of two new adaptive wheelchairs. In 2020, Legacy Parks constructed the region's first adaptive trail at Sharp's Ridge and purchased five adaptive bikes. Creating adaptive access for those with mobility disabilities is a priority - we believe everyone should be able to experience the benefits of being in nature and enjoy recreational opportunities in the woods! The handcycle bikes that will be purchased with this grant allow individuals with higher level injuries - who do not have grip strength to hold onto a crank or squeeze a brake - to access these functions with whatever use of their arms that they do have. The height of this bike compared to others, makes transfers from a power chair much easier and safer.  They also feature electric assist which allows the user to propel the bike forward on their own merit and [...]

2405, 2021

REI awards grant for adaptive trails

May 24th, 2021|

For the eighth year in a row, REI is showing its support for Knoxville's outdoors through a $6,600 grant to Legacy Parks Foundation. The grant will be used to create Knoxville's next adaptive trail, to further achieve Legacy Parks' larger mission to creative adaptive trails in each quadrant of the county. “We are thrilled that REI continues to partner with us,” said Legacy Parks Executive Director Carol Evans. “Their lasting partnership allows us to continue expanding and enhancing our beautiful forested areas, great places for our community to enjoy.” REI began contributing to Knoxville's outdoor spaces in 2014, and has given significant support since, including funding for a bridge, a kid’s trail, and a junior pump track skills feature, water stations, trails connections, and now helping create adaptive access so those with disabilities can enjoy playing in the woods.

2603, 2021

Collier Preserve Opens

March 26th, 2021|

Legacy Parks Foundation cut the ribbon to open Collier Preserve, a 12-acre park located in Powell. The project was funded by a grant from the State of Tennessee Recreational Trails Program. The new park is located on land that was donated to the Foundation in 2016 by Dr. Bob and Louise Collier of Powell. Features include an ADA walkway, nature path, native plants garden, birding platform, a kayak rest stop on Beaver Creek and a tranquil natural setting for observing wildlife. “We are thrilled to add another great place for the community to be outside and enjoy the many benefits of spending time in nature and playing in the woods,” said Carol Evans, executive director of Legacy Parks Foundation. The property has been in the Collier family for many generations, serving as the homestead and farm for Dr. Collier’s grandmother, Stella B. Moore, and ancestors before her. Dr. Collier [...]

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