Angora Frog Farm

Angora Frog Farm

In 2020, Legacy Parks received a donation of beautifully forested land from Arvin and Sabra Brown of Powell, protecting 14-acres of green space in the heart of the Powell Community.

The Brown family property sits directly across Emory Road from the new Powell High Landing boat launch on Beaver Creek.

The Brown family has longstanding history in Powell. The Browns School House was among the earliest gathering places in Powell, built between 1820 and 1830. The school’s boarding house was located across the street and remains on the property and later became the home where Arvin grew up and where he lives to this day. Arvin’s father, Horace Brown was a mail clerk on the L&N Railway, and he would spin tall-tales to the railroad workers about his angora frogs that grew from two pair to 2,000 by the end of a year; and would grow beautiful green hair about 3 inches long. In keeping with his old-fashioned humor, Horace Brown registered the farm with the state on Dec. 2, 1927, under the name of Angora Frog Farm.

“I want the house and land to be preserved forever and become places where young and old can be educated and inspired by watching plants grow. We want the community to be able to enjoy the property as much as our family has.” -Arvin Brown

Inspired by Mr. Brown’s story, Legacy Parks is creating the Angora Frog Farm – a whimsical story inspired park where you’ll learn, laugh, play and learn. The park will be designed to tell Arvin and Sabra’s family folk tales about these hairy frogs that reside only in this one special place in Powell, TN.

Partnering with local illustrator and author, Daniel Wiseman, the Angora Frog Farm story is in progress. Wiseman has illustrated over 20 published children books and his first two authored books will be released in 2023.

Created for little children with big imaginations, the story will guide you on many adventures that Arvin the Angora Frog experiences while he’s visiting the one and only Angora Frog Farm.

The park will feature play structures that integrate into the story. Visitors will be prompted by storyboards to participate in an activity with Arvin the Frog as he makes his way through the park.

Through the years, Legacy Parks has helped other landowners preserve over 1,000 acres throughout the region and is also able to accept gifts of land to preserve it for future generations.

Construction of the project may not begin until the project is fully funded – fundraising for the project is ongoing.

Project Partners

Knox County Parks & Recreation, Knox County Public Library