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Play Every Day

In Knox County today, there are not enoughfields and field time to meet the growing number of kids playing the most popular sports of football, soccer and lacrosse.

That’s why Coach Phillip Fulmer and VFL Dick Williams are leading The Play Every Day Campaign to help create multi-use, synthetic turf, year-round fields.

Synthetic turf fields create more play and practice times and allow us to host regional and national tournaments. This gives our kids more time on the field and strong competition to excel in their sports. It levels the playing field for all kids and helps open up a world of future opportunities.

Phase I of the The Play Every Day Campaign will convert five fields at John Tarleton Park to multi-use fields for football, soccer and lacrosse. This 20-acre park is currently Knox County’s center of youth football and serves a diverse group of children of all ages and all levels. Once installed the fields will be maintained by Knox County Parks & Recreation.

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